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This month's theme: Mysteries

Being a Working Actress
and Mom in Pittsburgh

by Cindy Fernandez-Nixon



























When we think of the idea of a “working mom” or the “bring your kid to work” concept, we are automatically taken to a traditional job setting. We think of the positive impact it could have on the kid’s future career choices. Not for one second do we believe this concept can apply to non-traditional careers such as acting.

Living in Pittsburgh, I quickly learned while transitioning from an engineering job to working-actress-mom that I was working against many myths. Since I know how much we like lists, I will go ahead and list a few.

Myth #1 - You can’t go from an office job to a career in entertainment after having kids, especially if you live in Pittsburgh.

Myth #2 - An acting career will limit the time you spend with your children.

Myth #3 - You are going to destroy your kid’s future if you get them involved in the entertainment industry. You will narrow their opportunities.

As mothers, we tend to look at what benefits our kids first. We want to make sure they are okay and at the same time that they learn to work hard for what they want and never settle for what society thinks they should do with their lives.

As I moved forward, I realized there are many benefits that directly impact my kids during this transition, especially because we live in Pittsburgh.

Myth-buster #1 - Living in Pittsburgh, PA, is actually the beauty of this transition. As I became more involved in the acting community, my kids have started to become a part of it as well, thanks to the amazing people I have the pleasure to work with. The kids have had the chance to start to develop their skills in a “friendlier” acting community as compared to what it would be like in NYC or LA.

Myth-buster #2 - Given the non-traditional ways of an acting career, I have been able to spend more time at home with the kids and/or I can take my kids to work very often. They get to watch “Mami” at work. I have also had the opportunity to work with my kids. They have been part of my photoshoot sessions or movie scenes. (Can’t say the same from when I had an office job).

Myth-buster #3 - Exposing my kids to more than just the careers my husband and I chose is the goal. They will be heavily influenced by the various activities in the Pittsburgh area, including the technology field and the wide range of activities in the arts. Exposing them to the different options earlier in life will actually help their decision as opposed to narrow it, whether they decide to go for a traditional career such as engineering or non-traditional one such as acting.

In the end, all we want for our kids is a better quality of life, a better development, and a better understanding of hard work and pursue of happiness. Who is with me?!


Cindy Fernndez-Nixon is a working actor, producer, voice-over artist, TV/radio host, and spokesperson.




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