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Mom, 1930s
I'm just as good a swimmer today.
Dad and me, 1951
Find me on the fire truck. Hint: I'm wearing a hat
Dad, 1941
Cooling off on Memorial Day,
My cousin and his crow, circa 1945
Dad's cousin George
circa 1955
You know you have photos just like these. Check those dusty shoeboxes.






Your Private Printing
The gift of a legacy

You can have your own collection of family stories privately printed in a casebound book. For yourself, or for someone else who deserves a book created just for them.

Maybe you've heard the term "private printing." It's a tradition that gives you a book of your own, personally written just for you. It's a limited printing, just enough copies for you and your family and selected friends. And it's all under your control.

Memoirs and biographies have their place, but this book is different. It will be a special collection of just your stories.

This is not a coffee table book. It's a kitchen table book. (Table not included) I'll interview you for the stories you tell over coffee in the kitchen and transform them into page-turning prose. And I'll scan your old photographs to include with selected stories in the book.

These stories will not be simple transcriptions. Stories that are told orally don't always transfer well to the printed page. Consider this: The stories Grandpa tells can include his facial expressions, body movements, and voice inflections. But these aren't visible on the page. That's where I come in.

As a professional writer, I've written my own books and books for other people. (You've heard the term "ghost writer." That's me.) As a professional speaker, I tell audiences the best ways to communicate their messages. As both of the above, I'll apply just the right techniques to make your favorite stories come to life on the page.

Think of your book as a distillation of your family stories that will evoke the gamut of reactions, from "Oh, I love that story" all the way to "Wow, I never heard that one before."

This is truly a fitting gift legacy for:

Perfect for commemorating:
Family and class reunions
Mother's Day and Father's Day

Here's what I'll be doing for you in this process:

*Interviewing the storytellers

*Organizing and reviewing mementos and photographs with you to find the best stories

*Writing your stories so they work on the page

*Scanning your photographs

*Laying out the design of your book

*Supervising printing and production


Two points to emphasize: 1. This book will not be published. Publishing would mean the public gets to read it. Instead, this is a private printing of a specified number of copies just for you and those close to you.

2. This book is a collection of your stories, not a memoir or biography. The price includes a maximum number of pages and ten color sheets, but you have control of the printing. Call for details.

Click the old-fashioned bicycle to get an inside look at a sample book of family stories.

** The hardcover books can include color photos. The softcover version includes black-&-white photos inside, and we can feature color images on the front and back covers.

Produced by
Jay Speyerer
Legacy Road Communications
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you have a soft spot for books and love all the favorite family tales, then you'll want to have your stories collected in your own privately printed, hardbound volume.

You must have questions, so get in touch for a no-charge consultation.
e-mail: jay@jayspeyerer.com
phone: 412-999-4697
Or send a note here.


And don't forget the photographs!





Dad, circa 1920
(Click for restoration sample)

* Photo credit: DearMyrtle.com

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